25 Hidden Gems in Belgium​

The best-kept secrets of our country

Ebook 25 hidden gems in Belgium

You want to explore Belgium...

…and I absolutely love that! But perhaps you find it challenging to uncover its hidden treasures. When you search on Google, you often end up with the same spots that even your uncle Patrick knows. You want something different. You want to be amazed.

Villers Abbey
  • Do you ever wonder how some people manage to find all those beautiful places in Belgium?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re missing out on amazing places simply because you’re not aware of them?
  • Are you tired of the predictability of a day trip to Bruges?
  • Do you keep finding the same information in Belgium travel guides and feel it’s time for something new?
  • Do you feel like you haven’t discovered the authentic charm of Belgium yet?
  • Do you want to know how to smoothly travel to those unique places?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you can bring your dog to a particular attraction?
  • Do you enjoy combining activities with other nearby experiences?
  • Does the idea of discovering something unique in the neighborhood appeal to you?

If you’re nodding a big ‘yes,’ that’s fantastic!

Ebook 25 hidden gems in Belgium

I'm happy to share my 25 hidden gems with you.

Expect 25 places that are less known to the general public, where you won’t encounter hordes of tourists. Exactly what you’re looking for, right?

Stroll through the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, explore how a city looks underground, or enjoy breathtaking views – in my ebook ’25 Hidden Gems in Belgium,’ I exclusively share my best Belgian experiences.

I’m confident that this ebook will provide you with the inspiration you need, prompting you to plan your next adventures immediately. This way, you ensure it’s something unique!

For each place, I’ve included a bit of history – great to read as a passenger in the car or on the train, as it sets the mood. I also reveal the best time to visit the respective attraction. And if you like going out with your dog or children, you’ll quickly see if it’s a good idea to take this trip with your favorite pet or a stroller.

You can access my ebook with the 25 hidden gems of Belgium for €14.95.

What others say?

“Emma compiled a list of incredible places in Belgium that are off the beaten path. Most of them I had never heard of, and some look almost too beautiful to be so close. Emma doesn’t just show you beautiful pictures; she provides information about the location’s history and detailed practical information, such as when the best time to visit is, whether it’s close to a parking lot, train station, or bus stop, what else you can do nearby, and if, for example, it’s dog-friendly. It’s not too much text, so it reads smoothly and easily. A beautiful investment in 25 carefree and exciting weekends.”  – Lisa Meyers

What can you specifically expect from the ebook?

Of course, I share information about the place itself, providing the exact location. But I also talk about the region and give tips on what else you can visit nearby. After all, it’s much more enjoyable to have a whole day full of adventures. Additionally, I explain the best way to get there by car and train.

preview ebook hidden gems in Belgium
preview ebook hidden gems in Belgium

Hi, I'm Emma!

Emma's Roadmap

Hi, I'm Emma!

In recent years, as a travel blogger, I explored many places in Belgium and was repeatedly amazed by the beauty of our country. I discovered places I never thought I’d find in Belgium.

And it’s precisely those places that I want to share with you. The places that leave you speechless. The places that make you forget you’re in your own country. I gathered 25 hidden gems in this practical ebook, so you can easily find them too.

Ready to discover the secrets that Belgium has to offer?

No time to read the entire page?

No problem! Let me briefly explain. The ebook ’25 Hidden Gems in Belgium’ provides you with the inspiration you need, prompting you to plan your next unique adventure immediately. I share information about the place itself, talk about the region, and give tips on what else you can visit nearby in a fun and convenient way. Discovering the 25 hidden gems of Belgium can be done for only €14.95.

Ebook 25 hidden gems in Belgium
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