Welcome on Emma’s Roadmap!

This travel blog is all about city trips and travel hacks. But beware, this is not your usual travel blog! Emma’s Roadmap is all about saving you precious time on travel planning while you’re trying to balance a busy life.

City guides will be as detailed as possible to make sure you have to plan less, enjoy more and travel care-free! My travel tips will also focus on saving you time and money while travelling as comfortable as possible!

So who’s talking to you right now?

My name is Emma (you probably already guessed that!) and I’m a business student from Belgium bitten by the travel bug!

After living in Canada for some months I decided it was time to share my adventures and experiences with all of you to avoid making the same mistakes I made and have a care-free vacation!

I’ve travelled since I was 6 years old, carrying a camera with me since I was 8 and photographing every little corner of every city I went to (can you imagine?!)

Since I got a taste of living abroad, there’s only 1 goal in my life: travelling and discovering as much as possible! 

There’s still so much more to learn in this world and as they say: “The wisest man is the man that learns a bit of everyone”. Luckily, I’m a life-long learner!

And I want you to join me on the path of life-long discoveries! Let this blog INSPIRE you to TRAVEL MORE and make this possible by saving you valuable time!

Will you join me on this journey?

Follow my Instagram to get live sneak peeks of where I’m heading to next and follow me on my journey!

Emma <3

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