Map with hotspots in Belgium

Want to know all the places in Belgium I discovered so far? Tired of searching yourself? Curious to explore them yourself? I’ve got your back. This map is going to give you all the answers.

This map is perfect for you if…

You want to explore new places in Belgium

But you don’t know where to start looking for these places. You just can’t find them.

You don’t want to drive hours to visit just 1 thing. You want to see everything that’s in the neighbourhood.

You want to plan your day or weekend away completely, including hotels, restaurants & activities.

I’m going to help you with this

The past 3+ years I’ve been exploring Belgium non-stop


I’ve been blown away by the beauty of our country and discovered places I didn’t even think could exist in Belgium.

And these are exactly the kind of places I want to share with you. The ones that leave you breathless, the ones that make you forget you’re in Belgium & the ones that give you that away-from-the-world feeling for just a moment.

After exploring new places for years, I finally decided to bundle everything in 1 map so you can visit the exact same places I did as well. I have personally visited all these places myself and I’m proud to show them to you!

What others say

A little sneak peek of the map

You’ll be able to:

  • filter on what you’re looking for, e.g. activities, hotels, restaurants, hikes…
  • read a short sentence about my experience
  • click through to their websites to plan

The best part? 

This map will be updated each month by me. So once you get access, you’ll automatically get all my updates as well!

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