Cap Blanc-Nez

Your Guide To Visiting Cap Blanc-Nez In Normandy France

As part of Les Deux Caps, Cap Blanc-Nez is one of the best viewpoints in Normandy if you want to spot the UK on the other side of the canal! With its limestone cliffs, romantic sunsets, and countless bunkers, Cap Blanc-Nez is a spot that cannot be missed on the coast of Normandy!

Historically, Cap Blanc-Nez has been a strategic point during both WWI and WWII since the coast of Pas-De-Calais is located very close to England. So close that you can spot Dover on sunny days!

In this guide, I hope to give you the best information to make your trip to Cap Blanc-Nez unforgettable! From how to get there to what to do, I’ll cover it all!

Let’s get into it!

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What to do at Cap Blanc-Nez?

Climb the viewpoint

The one thing that cannot be missed is climbing (or driving up) the rocks to the obelisk. This obelisk has been put on top of Cap Blanc-Nez to remember the French and British soldiers who fought in the First World War.

From this point, you have an amazing view of the surrounding region and coastline. If the sky is clear, you can also see Dover on the other side! Take your time to let the view sink in, and walk a little tour on the trails.

obelisk Cap Blanc-Nez

Tap your toes in the water

If you go all the way down, you see that in between the cliffs there’s an entrance to the beach of Cap Blanc-Nez. Don’t hesitate to walk your way down to the beach and enjoy the sight of the majestic cliffs from below.

Because it can get quite windy at Cap Blanc-Nez, this is not the perfect beach destination for a swim, but you can definitely take a stroll along the waterside! Just be careful that the tides don’t catch up on you.

Search for fossils

The beach of Cap Blanc-Nez is a hotspot for fossil hunters. Yes, if you have a good eye, you can spot several ancient fossils either on the beach or on the limestone cliffs. However, it’s forbidden to carve something in or out of the cliffs and it’s also dangerous if you come too close. You never know when rocks could fall down.

Hike the coast

When arriving at Cap Blanc-Nez you’ll see the signs of all the hiking routes that pass by. Probably the most well-known hiking route is the GR120 which starts in Belgium and crosses the entire coast of Normandy. This is the perfect route to hike when you want to see the 2 caps. The first stage goes from Cap Blanc-Nez to Wissant (11.5 km), and the second stage from Wissant to Cap Gris-Nez (8 km).

Don’t forget Cap Gris-Nez!

Cap Gris-Nez

Most people who visit Cap Blanc-Nez also take a look at Cap Gris-Nez, there’s a reason why they call them ‘Les Deux Caps’! Cap Gris-Nez is officially the piece of land closest to the UK with only 33 km in between.

At Cap Gris-Nez you’ll be able to see more remains of the World Wars and via information boards you’ll also get to know more about the region. I do still think, however, that Cap Blanc-Nez gives you the most dreamy view!

How to get to Cap Blanc-Nez

The easiest way to get to Cap Blanc-Nez is definitely by car. There are two parking lots you can choose from. One is located uphill, close to the top of the rock, while the other is located below in the village closest to the beach. Thus, depending on where you want to be, you’ll want to choose a different parking lot.

Oh, did I mention that parking is free?

If you don’t have a car at your disposal and want to come with public transport, you can take bus 5 that comes from Calais to the village of Escalles. Getting to Calais by train should also be no problem.

coastline from Cap Blanc-Nez

Best time to visit

It can get a little busy at Cap Blanc-Nez. Therefore, I think the best time to visit is at sunset. I only recently visited Cap Blanc-Nez at sunset (in peak season!) and there was almost no one to be seen. Thus, if you want to have the scenery all to yourself, sunset is the right timing!

In general, I would also suggest to visit either late spring, summer or early fall. If you’re visiting too early or too late in the year, you risk being confronted with heavy wind and lots of rain. I can tell you, that’s not a nice combination at the coast.

sunset at Cap Blanc-Nez

Where to stay

If you want to stay somewhere close to Cap Blanc-Nez you can either choose between a hotel or a camping. If you prefer camping then the closest camping spot is Camping le Blanc-Nez. When you prefer a little bit more comfort, I would suggest the apartments of Le Chat Perché and the more luxurious Hôtel L’Escale. Both are at a 5-minute walking distance from the beach!


Cap Blanc-Nez has without a doubt one of the most dreamy views you can get in Normandy, and even in France! I hope this guide has helped you plan your trip and I would love to hear your experience with Cap Blanc-Nez in the comments below!

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