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Top 6 Cities in Eastern Canada you SHOULD visit!

Let’s be honest, Canada is just a top destination, wherever you ultimately decide to go. However, from experience, I know that all Eastern Canadian cities are unique in their own way and I want to help you find your best fit!

In this post, I’ll talk about the top 6 cities in Eastern Canada and what makes them so special! Do you find one you like? Click through to read an in-depth post about each of them!

Let’s discover Canada!

Top Eastern Canadian Cities


View of Toronto from Toronto islands  - cities eastern canada

Haven’t we all heard of Toronto? This beauty is Canada’s largest city!

If you’re a real city girl/boy you’ll definitely want to be here. The city is extremely diverse and has so much to offer! From large shopping malls to museums where you could walk for hours, they have it all!

Top attractions include the CN Tower, Toronto Islands, distillery district and much more!

My visit to Toronto definitely was something special. I stayed in a Buddhist temple (yes, they have one there!) and experienced the most magical sunset in my life on top of the CN Tower!

If you’d like to know more about that, take a look at what I did in Toronto and the top activities I listed for you!


View over Montreal - cities eastern canada

Montreal was the first city I’ve visited in Canada and one I would definitely go back to!

It’s a mix between French and English-speaking Canada and therefore it also has some European influences, especially in the older part of the city!

Montreal has the most magnificent church I’ve seen in all my life (really), a vibrant harbour, underground tunnels for its university and a wonderful view on top of the Mont-Royal!

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Quebec City

Quebec City in winter - cities eastern canada

Quebec City definitely is my favourite city in Eastern Canada!

The charming atmosphere in Quebec City will take you back in time to Europe and is perfect for the ultimate Christmas experience!

Quebec City for sure has the most charming and oldest city center, so if you’re into old buildings and the history of Canada, this is the place you should be!

Although smaller than other Canadian cities, there’s definitely enough to do! Quebec City is home to a large Christmas market, wonderful museums and very cute streets! The city has played a major role in Canada’s history so it’s a perfect match if you want to get to know more about that!

If you’re thinking about visiting solo, you might want to read about my solo travel experience in Quebec City!

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view of Ottawa

Ottawa is known as the capital of Canada and therefore can’t be missed on this list of Eastern Canada cities!

Although the city is less spectacular than Toronto or Montreal, it’s a real must-see for people who are interested in Canadian politics!

Top visits in Ottawa include the Canadian parliament and House of Commons, and also don’t forget to stop by Byward Market! Moreover, the Rideau canal also is one of its top attractions here.

For more about Ottawa, check out my post!


Boat going to the Niagara Falls

Niagara is more known for its beautiful waterfalls than for the city itself.

Niagara Falls is definitely a wonder of nature and that doesn’t go unnoticed by tourists! This place is popular as a day trip destination from Toronto or anywhere nearby and I highly recommend you take a trip on the boats that go near the falls!

For me, the Niagara falls have really been something majestic, and although there’s a lot of unnecessary commercialization around it, this wonder is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

Be astonished by the power of the water when standing at the edge, visit the caves behind the waterfall and get soaking wet on one of the boats! These are the top 3 activities you should take into consideration when visiting.

For the moment, I don’t yet have a post about Niagara Falls but that’s coming soon! Keep an eye on this page!


Kingston cities eastern canada

Kingston is not the most well-known city of Eastern Canada, but it’s definitely a very charming place with a rich history!

I’ve spent months studying in Kingston and I can tell you that it’s a very vibrant student city! Queen’s University is therefore also one of the main assets of Kingston!

But besides the university, Kingston has the perfect location if you want to explore Lake Ontario or visit the thousand islands! Learn about Kingston’s history at Fort Henry, the town hall or its penitentiary.

For more information, read my post about Kingston!

Specifically looking for a place to drink or eat in Kingston? Then take a look at my post about the best bars and restaurants in Kingston!


I hope you gained a lot of inspiration for your next city break to Eastern Canada! These 6 cities should definitely be high on your bucket list so don’t forget to read through if you feel like one of these could be a good fit for you!

If you’d like to get to know more about this wonderful country, check out this list of fun facts about Canada!

Already thinking of packing? Check out my packing list for Canada!

If you have been to other cities in Eastern Canada that shouldn’t be missing on this list, feel free to let me know and I’ll add it!

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  1. Tonya | the Writer Mom

    This post made me realize I’ve seen so little of Canada! We have been planning a trip there for the last couple of years, but it just hasn’t worked out yet. 😖

    1. I’ve been lucky to spend 4 months in Canada and haven’t even been close to seeing everything! There’s so much to do! You should definitely visit when you can!

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