eastpak tranverz luggage review

Eastpak Tranverz Luggage Review – Is It Worth It?

Do you also cringe on dropping off your luggage at the airport to be loaded into the airplane?

In between all those suitcases, you can always distinguish the ones that clearly have been used for ages, and also the ones that are wrapped up in layers of plastic to avoid being damaged.

You definitely don’t want your luggage to end up like the former suitcases, almost falling apart. But you also don’t want to pack your suitcase in layers of (absolutely not environmental-friendly) plastic, right?

Finding the right luggage that can be transported without extra protection AND remains good-looking for almost a lifetime is a real struggle.

Believe me, if I say that I had luggage I needed to literally drag over the streets because the wheels were all worn down after barely 1 year…

But that’s exactly what you get if you buy a cheap suitcase without putting too much consideration or money into it.

Since then, I luckily permitted myself to buy good quality luggage that can take a punch and will last for the foreseeable future!

By using high-quality luggage, I don’t need to cringe anymore when dropping off my suitcase and I can leave reassured that my luggage will come back exactly the way I dropped it off.

Isn’t that what we all want?

For a few years, I use the Eastpak Tranverz suitcase almost weekly, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

If you’d like to know why then keep on reading this Eastpak Tranverz review ;).

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About the Eastpak Tranverz

In summary, the Eastpak Tranverz is a quality travel trolley used for longer getaways or simply if you want to pack a lot of baggage.

This suitcase has 2 wheels to glide you from one destination to the next and an extensible handle for riding as well as a side handle to carry it.

The inside is divided into two compartments for storing your belongings and on the outside, you’ll find an extra zip-fastening pocket as well as compression straps.

Plus, the Tranverz is entirely made out of polyester and therefore 100% vegan as well!

To make sure your baggage is as secure as possible, the suitcase also has a built-in lock.

Moreover, this popular suitcase comes in different sizes depending on your needs: small, medium and large. Of course, the suitcase also comes in various colours!

Overall, I would say the Eastpack Tranverz is a very convenient, tough and minimal suitcase, perfectly serving the needs of any frequent traveller!

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Pros of the Eastpak Tranverz luggage

In this section of the Eastpak Tranverz review, I want to dive a bit deeper into why exactly I believe this suitcase is perfectly suited for any type of traveller. From personal experience, I identified 5 major benefits of using the Eastpak Tranverz.

The fabric is damage resistant

You might have already seen or owned one of those shiny lacquer suitcases that are definitely very stylish to see but a disaster when it comes to using it.

Why? Because those are soooo easily damaged!

The Eastpak Tranverz suitcase is made out of polyester and with its slightly rough surface perfectly scratch resistant.

This means that whatever the baggage deliverers at the airport do with your luggage, the Tranverz will come out without scratches.

The only thing you should do once in a while is going over the surface with a humid tissue to clean any dirt and the bag will look new again!

Optimal use of space

What you see from the outside, is the space you get on the inside.

Believe me, there fits a lot in this bag!

Plus, here is no wasted space whatsoever thanks to the soft outside.

If you want to fit in just that little bit more, you can. If you won’t fill the whole bag, no problem. In either situation, just adjust the compression straps!

eastpak tranverz compression straps

Easy to transport

With its wheels and side handle, the Tranverz is perfect to roll for longer distances (e.g. walking through the airport or to your hotel), and to carry for shorter distances (provided you don’t overpack of course ;)).

With its rectangular shape, the suitcase is also very easy to pile up, taking as little space as possible in the back of your car.

Easy to clean

The fabric, on the inside as well as on the outside, makes it very easy to clean.

Even if you made stains on the inside, just take a humid tissue (with a bit of soap) and go over the surface. This will make most of the dirt disappear!

Amazing return policy & repair services

In case you decide to order an Eastpak suitcase, it’s super easy to return it if you’re not satisfied with it. In fact, Eastpak has a 30-days return policy!

Oh and yes, you just read that right.

Besides a 30 years warranty on (manufacturing defects of) the Eastpak Tranverz suitcase, Eastpak also provides repair services!

Thus, even if you somehow managed to break something, this can be solved by their repair team!

Cons of the Eastpak Tranverz luggage

From my experience using this suitcase, I identified some minor downsides you should be aware of before buying, which I’ll showcase in the next part of this Eastpak Tranverz review.

Only minimal divisions

divisions on the inside of the Eastpak Tranverz

This can be considered either a pro or a con, depending on your personal preferences.

The Tranverz suitcase has two compartments that can be closed separately. However, sometimes I would wish for a bit more structure than this.

This structure is obviously something you can easily create yourself through other means e.g. vacuum bags, plus, minimal divisions aren’t bad at all if you want to transport large items!

So it really depends on your personal needs!

It’s not cheap

But honestly, this shouldn’t even be an argument.

You pay for quality, which means that you’ll be able to use your Tranverz suitcase for at least the next 20 years!

So why waste money on cheaper luggage when you have to replace it all the time?

Isn’t it much more affordable to buy quality luggage that lasts a lifetime?

In summary

As you already noticed from my review, I believe the Eastpak Tranverz is a high-quality suitcase that will last for decades after you buy it. For value-for-money, I would give it a 10/10!

I now have had mine for about 4 years, use it weekly, and have seen no signs yet of wear and tear.

So should you buy the Eastpak Tranverz?

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it! But if you still don’t believe me, then you might want to consider reading the reviews on Amazon!

What about the other options?

Of course, Eastpak isn’t the only brand out there that sells luggage.

Another high-quality option is Samsonite. However, I find the Eastpak Tranverz much easier to use because of its compression straps. This makes the bag a bit more flexible for packing compared to the rigid form of a samsonite suitcase.


What size should I take?

The size you should take greatly depends on the purpose of your luggage.

Are you going to use it for short, 2-day stays? Then the small might be perfect.

Are you going to use it for trips of at least 1 week? Then you might want to consider the large.

I personally use the Tranverz medium as I am often packing for approximately one week and everything I need for a week fits in the medium-sized bag!

How long does this bag last?

I now use my Eastpak Tranverz for 4 years already and wear and tear has been very minimal. So I expect to use this bag for at least another 10 years!

Of course, this all depends on how often you use it. I personally use it weekly. But if you’re only using it twice a year, I think it can last a lifetime.

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  1. I want to buy this for dockwalking/yachting job so please could you tell me when it’s empty does it keep its structure like a hard suitcase or can I fit it into a small space like say under a bed?

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