Bundle Belgium Hotspots Map + Ebook Hidden Gems in Belgium

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Map with all the hotspots in Belgium, from wonderful hikes and places to visit to unique places to stay and delicious restaurants. Everything you need to plan your next trip in Belgium! Combined with my ebook with 25 hidden gems in Belgium, including all practical tips on how to visit!

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In this bundle, you will receive the combination of the Belgium Hotspots Map + my ebook ’25 Hidden Gems in Belgium’. Here’s exactly what you get:

Belgium Hotspots Map

  • A Google Map with all the locations I personally visited in Belgium (more than 190!)
  • Links to their website to plan all your trips
  • Filters on hiking, indoor activities, hotels… so you can search effectively

The best part? This map will always be updated by me monthly, so every month you get access to some new places I discovered in Belgium.

Ebook ’25 Hidden Gems in Belgium’

  • history of the hidden gem
  • the exact location (with a link to Google Maps)
  • how to get there by car and by public transport
  • what to do there
  • what to do in the neighborhood
  • best time to visit
  • whether it is dog- and/or carrier-friendly

In short, all the information you could possibly need to plan your own adventures!


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