25 Hidden Gems In Belgium (ENG / NL)

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Ebook with 25 hidden gems in Belgium, including all practical tips on how to visit.

*available in English and Dutch

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Have you ever wondered how to find all these beautiful spots in Belgium? Do you want to explore Belgium and go on little trips within the country but have no idea where to go? You struggle with questions like: can I take my dog? How do I get there without a car? And is there something else to do in the neighborhood?

If this sounds like you, I have good news!

In my very first ebook, I’m presenting you 25 hidden gems in Belgium. 25 places that are a bit lesser known and off the beaten path but should not be missed. Because not a lot of info is available on these places I’ve compiled all the necessary information for you in this ebook. From how to get there and what to do there to a little bit of history and how to combine your visit with other places in the neighborhood.

Here’s exactly what you will get:

  • history of the hidden gem
  • the exact location (with a link to Google Maps)
  • how to get there by car and by public transport
  • what to do there
  • what to do in the neighborhood
  • best time to visit
  • whether it is dog- and/or carrier-friendly

In short, all the information you could possibly need to plan your own adventures!

1 review for 25 Hidden Gems In Belgium (ENG / NL)

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    Happy to write the first review! Emma made a list (I’m calling it a bucket list) of incredible places in Belgium that are off the beaten path. Most I had never heard of, and some look almost too good to be so close-by!! And Emma doesn’t just show you some pretty pictures; instead she provides information about the history of the location and detailed practical information, like when to visit, close parking/train station/bus stop, what to do in the neighborhood if you booked a stay, or whether it’s dog-friendly, for example. It’s not too much text so it makes for a quick and easy read. Overall it’s a nice investment in 25 worry-free and exciting ‘weekendjes’ ☺️

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