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The Only Quebec City Solo Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need

You’ve been thinking about visiting Quebec City on your own right? (Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here.)

And I totally agree with that decision, because I did it myself!

Your first question probably is whether it’s safe to travel on your own and I can reassure you it is. Quebec City is a very calm city mainly consisting of tourists (and the good kind of tourists).

I believe Quebec City is one of the most charming cities to visit in Canada and definitely as a solo traveller!

Let me show you why this is true and what you should visit on your solo trip to Quebec City!

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Practical information about Quebec City

  • Main language: French (but most people speak English as well)
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • The average temperature in winter: -18° C (-0.4° F)
  • Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec and has almost 550,000 citizens
  • Legal drinking age: 18
  • Tipping is demanded with an average of 15%
  • It’s probably the safest city in Canada!
  • Most prices are displayed without taxes!

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Where you should sleep as a solo traveller

Honestly, there are a lot of options for accommodation, probably the most well-known option for solo travellers are hostels, and Quebec City has a lot of them. Another option is a Bed & Breakfast, but the one I actually prefer (and had a great time through in Quebec City) was Airbnb.

You probably know that you can rent apartments/houses through the platform but you can also rent rooms in someone else’s house!

When staying in the house of a host, you’ll never be alone, get in touch with a local, practice another language and be able to find insider tips to visit the city!

This is how I managed to stay with a lovely woman who rented a room in her apartment.

It was honestly one of the best experiences I had travelling alone because I was staying with a very helpful local who happened to be a French teacher as well! (That was a very good investment in my French-speaking abilities too!)

And somehow I ended up having a pizza night with her and one of her neighbours. Moreover, she also provided breakfast!

Check out the accommodation I’m talking about here.

Airbnb room in Quebec City

Getting around Quebec City

The absolute best way to visit the heart of Quebec City is on foot. There’s simply so much beauty to discover that you have to walk around and take your time to soak that up. Moreover, the city is pretty small, so that’s perfectly doable!

Take the bus when you need to go further. There’s a good bus transit system going through the city and a single ticket costs you 3.10 CAD (or 3.50 CAD if you pay cash).

Consider taking an Uber when busses take too much time and the distance is too far to walk.

What you should see or do as a solo traveller in Quebec City

Quebec City is a charming city that has a lot to offer, but where do you start?

Start in Rue du Petit Champlain

Rue du Petit Champlain in Quebec City

This street is located in the old city center and a must-see to start your visit! It’s full of cute little shops and takes you to the heart of the old city, the Place Royal.

If you visit in the winter season, you might notice that this street is full of Christmas decorations and that you can spot Santa Claus and a choir singing Christmas songs.

Haute Ville

Solo travel Quebec City - ice floating over the Saint Lawrence River

Take the funicular to the upper part of the old center and enjoy the view from the balcony! In winter, you’ll see ice floating over the Saint Lawrence river!

Funicular3.50 CAD

Museum of Civilization

I love to visit museums on my solo trips, simply because you can take as much time as you like to visit them without someone pushing you to go through it too fast.

The Museum of Civilization has several temporary exhibitions as well as some fixed exhibitions on the history of Quebec City, so perfect if you want to take a deep dive into the history of the city.

One exposition that’s also very recommended is the one about the First Nations of the region. It’s an extremely interesting and eye-opening experience!

Museum Entrance (31 and over)17 CAD
Museum Entrance (18-30)11 CAD

The Augustinian Monastery

Quebec has an enormous religious history dating back to its foundations. One of Quebec’s monasteries has opened its doors to visitors for a guided tour with an explanation about its history or an overnight stay with wellness experience!

The Augustinian Monastery is definitely one of its kind with its current modern approach. Although it’s partly a hotel, the nuns are still walking around.

If interested in Quebec City’s religious history, book a guided tour. If interested in wellness, book an overnight stay ;).

Guided tour (60 min) – general admission16 CAD
Unguided tour – general admission11.50 CAD
Guided tour (60 min) – students14 CAD
Unguided tour – students9.5 CAD

The Notre-Dame de Quebec

The Notre Dame de Quebec City - solo travel

This majestic cathedral is located in the heart of the upper village and definitely worth a stop if you pass by! Due to its serenity, this is the perfect place to take a moment for yourself and reflect on your trip.

Also, this might be a perfect place to stop to warm yourself a bit in winter!


The German Christmas market

German Christmas Market in Quebec City

Soak up the holiday atmosphere in winter and take a visit to the annual German Christmas market in the center of the upper city!

Visit stands with local products, local crafts and tasty food! If you love all things Christmas you definitely cannot miss this event!

The event runs from the end of November until the end of December, which is also an amazing period to visit Quebec City, experience winter while not experiencing the extreme cold.


The Museum of Fine Arts

This is a very recommended museum if you’re into modern art. The museum is very large so be sure to plan enough time to visit it!

For me, the highlight was the indigenous art. Its beauty is beyond something we know and the stories that the art tells us are just fantastic!

Tip: on Wednesday evenings (5 till 9 pm) you can visit the museum for half the price!

General admission22 CAD
Admission under 30 (18-30)12 CAD

Take a poutine cooking class

Poutine made through the poutine class with Sammy

Do you want a truly unique Canadian experience on your solo trip?

Then take a poutine cooking class through Airbnb Experiences!

Poutine is a typical dish originating from Quebec that consists of fries, gravy sauce, cheese curds and any topping you like!

Through Airbnb Experiences I got to know Sammy who is a professional cook and teaches others to make this delicious dish!

It’s a great way to get to know the Quebec culture, fun stories about the food and other travellers that accidentally happen to be in Quebec City as well!

Fortunately, Sammy wanted to share his recipe on my blog, so if you’re not sure whether you’d like poutine, take a look at the poutine recipe here!

New to Airbnb? Get a €10 discount on your first Airbnb Experience!

Poutine Cooking Class50 CAD / 34 EUR

Treat yourself at the Wellness Strom Spa Nordique

Strom Spa Nordique view over the Saint Lawrence River

Who said your trip has to be full of culture?

As a solo traveller I believe it is even more important to take care of yourself when going on a trip. One of the perfect ways to do this is by going to a spa!

Strom Spa Nordique is a recently opened spa with all the facilities you can imagine!

What makes it even more special is its large outdoor area which is located right next to the Saint Lawrence river. In winter, you can see the ice floating around while sitting in one of their hot pools.

General admission will give you access to all their basic amenities such as saunas and hot pools! Extra services are massages, beauty treatments or flotation baths.

Basic Thermal Experience54 CAD

Where to eat

Before I tell you where to eat, I want to let you know that there are 2 specialties you absolutely have to try in Quebec:

  • Poutine: see the activity above, this is an original Quebecer dish consisting of fries, gravy, cheese curds and any topping you like!
  • French onion soup: this originates from France but is also a delicacy in French Canada!

Affordable places to eat as a solo traveller:

  • Pub des Borgia: this is a very cozy pub with very simple but delicious food! The perfect place to take a book with you and enjoy a delicious meal.
  • Q de Sac Resto-Pub: a very nice place with delicious food! If you’re going alone, find yourself a seat at the bar and get to know some other visitors. Recommended: one of their local ciders and special poutines!

Ready to travel Quebec City solo?

In short, Quebec City is one of the safest cities in Canada to travel solo and thanks to its small size and medieval European atmosphere a perfect solo destination!

I hope you found what you were looking for and I truly hope I convinced you to visit this beautiful city!Do you need a bit more information? Take a look at more of the things to see in Quebec City.

Don’t hesitate to comment any question below or share on social media!

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  1. I loved visiting Quebec City last summer with the family. I have yet brave to solo travel… maybe one day… I tried poutine for the first time and fell in love with it… looks like you had an amazing trip!

  2. I have only been to Quebec City once, ad enjoyed their winter carnival. Looks like i missed out on the Strom Spa Nordique experience. How cool is that, right on the St. Lawrence River. I will have ot go back one day.

  3. I really like that you approached this as a solo traveler because since I don’t have a husband this could very well be written for me. It’s always nice to know the safe places to stay and things to do from someone who’s been there and done that! I would love to see The Augustinian Monastery.

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