Recipes Around The World

Although world events did not permit us to travel anymore, or at least less frequent and not as far as usual, I still wanted to share different cultures with you.

So I started to think, what could I possibly share with you? Then it came to my mind that there’s a very obvious reason as to why people travel (although not the main reason but still very important) and that’s international cuisine!

There’s nothing better than tasting local delicacies and having dinner at a typical local restaurant, right?

Thus, I decided to start sharing international recipes with you, as a means of travelling from home. By preparing these dishes you might be able to bring the travel-atmosphere inside your house and create a wonderful international evening. All from the safety of your own home!

But of course, I could not possibly write all those recipes myself! Although I’ve travelled a lot, it does not mean I’m a good cook ;). And, I want you to learn those dishes from a real local!

Therefore, I called upon other travellers and internationals to provide me with some traditional recipes to share with you!

Curious? Take a look below to see which international recipes can be found on Emma’s Roadmap!

Recipes around the world

Canadian Poutine

Learn how to make the best Canadian comfort food! The perfect mix of fries, cheese curds, gravy and any topping you like!

Moroccan Amlou Recipe

Moroccan Amlou

Perfect to offer your guests when they come for a visit! Try the original recipe from the Moroccan Berber community!

Irish Fisherman’s Stew

A true Irish delicacy! Discover the ins and outs of this traditional seafood dish!

how to make Japanese Gyoza

Japanese Gyoza

Imagine you’re in Japan with this authentic Japanese dish! Perfect to freeze in for later as well!

Shundal recipe

Indian Sundal

Nothing more traditional than this Indian side dish! Bring a bit of India home by preparing this delicacy!

swiss raclette recipe

Swiss Raclette

The perfect winter dish to share with family and friends! Think cheese, cheese and cheese! Who doesn’t love that?

Recipe for Tapioca

Brazilian Tapioca

Discover tapioca like it’s originally made by the traditional inhabitants of Brazil! Also very nice as breakfast!

authentic italian gnocchi recipe result

Italian Gnocchi

This irresistible Italian dish will make you want to move to Italy! Marie explains how her grandma used to make this old recipe!

pakistani chicken karahi recipe

Pakistani Chicken Karahi

This tasty chicken karahi recipe is the perfect winter dish! Discover how to make it the real Pakistani way!

Send in your recipe!

Do you know how to cook an international dish? Have you learned it while travelling abroad or are you a local with a love for your country’s/region’s food?

Then send in your recipe!

Contact me on my email (emmasroadmap (at) and let me know which recipe you’d like to contribute. By sending in your recipe others can learn how to cook and enjoy your international recipe from the comfort of their home soon!

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