Review Policy TRVLR Content

This is the review policy of Emma Verhaeghe, natural person, sole proprietorship, acting under the commercial name TRVLR Content, with headquarters in 8377 Zuienkerke, Bommelstraat 2, registered with company number 0793.111.095 (hereinafter referred to as “TRVLR Content”).

TRVLR Content hereby wishes to inform its customers regarding the reviews included in its website

  1. Collecting reviews

Anyone who purchases an Online Service from TRVLR Content or visits the website gets the chance to leave a review on TRVLR Content’s website through a review form.

Nowadays TRVLR Content does not offer commercial benefits or rewards to customers or users who leave a review. If, in the future, this is the case, it will be stated explicitly.

TRVLR Content selects reviews based on their relevance.

  • Requirements for reviews

TRVLR Content endeavours to the best of its ability to ensure that only customers who have purchased an Online Service or users of the Website can leave a review. The company cannot give any guarantee in this respect.

Left reviews are verified by TRVLR Content before being published. TRVLR Content will in no way self-correct reviews of customers or website users.

TRVLR Content also reserves the right not to publish reviews that are false, offensive, hateful, racist or irrelevant, or contain such message.

Reviews that are irrelevant in content or contain a question or complaint will not be published but will be followed up by TRVLR Content.

  • Ranking of reviews

Reviews are arranged in random order.

March 2024

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