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Where to go Skiing in Belgium: best indoor & outdoor slopes

As winter arrives, ski enthusiasts seek the thrill of gliding down snow-covered slopes, experiencing the joy of winter sports. Many of them seek out the steep slopes in the French, Austrian or Swiss Alps. But what if you don’t have the time, or budget to travel that far? Surprisingly, Belgium offers quite some opportunities to practice your ski skills without having to travel far, both outdoors and indoors.

No, it doesn’t snow often in Belgium. But when it does, you can actually make use of some ski slopes in Wallonia. When it doesn’t snow, you can make use of one of the many indoor ski pistes that are located all over the country. In this guide, I’ll explore with you the best places to go skiing in Belgium, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice eager to hit the slopes.

Best places to go skiing in Belgium

Outdoor skiing in Belgium

Baraque de Fraiture

Nestled in the Ardennes region, Baraque de Fraiture stands as the highest point in Belgium at 654 meters above sea level. This makes it one of the best locations in Belgium for outdoor skiing. It is located in Vielsalm and offers 3 different ski slopes with 3 different ski lifts, all suitable for beginners. You can rent equipment for both skiing and snowboarding here. With its picturesque surroundings, Baraque de Fraiture provides a true winter wonderland experience. Closely located to many hiking trails it’s also perfect to combine with a snowy walk or cross-country skiing.

Signal de Botrange in the High Fens

Val de Wanne

Val de Wanne, situated near Trois-Ponts, is known to have the longest ski slope in Belgium, an impressive 1 km! It has 2 ski lifts available that give access to both intermediate-level slopes and beginner slopes. If you love cross-country skiing you can also enjoy the 3 and 8 km long tracks. Plus, sledding is possible here as well. You can rent all the equipment on the spot, and afterward have a delicious meal or drinks in the Brasserie Chalet Loci.

Le Monty Lierneux

With two alpine ski runs measuring 600 and 800 meters, reaching an altitude of 510 meters, “Le Monty” offers fun descents in a picturesque environment. For cross-country skiing enthusiasts, there are three loop circuits ranging from 3.4 km to 8.5 km, providing an opportunity to explore the breathtaking Ardennes landscapes. Additionally, two snowshoeing trails of 3.6 km and 6 km offer a serene experience for those seeking an alternative to skiing. Families with little ones can delight in a secure 50-meter-long sledding track.

The station and its cafeteria warmly welcome visitors from 9 am to 5 pm, providing equipment rental (excluding snowboards) and complimentary children’s helmets. Payment options include both card and cash and a free parking area is conveniently located at the base of the slopes.

Tip: for up-to-date information about the opening of the ski resorts above, check the website of the tourism office.

Mont des Brumes

Nestled between the iconic landmarks of Francorchamps and La Gleize, Mont des Brumes, or ‘De Mistheuvel’ in Dutch, beckons winter enthusiasts to a great skiing experience. At an elevation of 530 meters, Mont des Brumes offers skiers a nice descent down its slopes. The northwesterly orientation ensures optimal snow conditions, allowing visitors to enjoy a seamless skiing experience. The main attraction is an 850-meter-long piste with a gradient of up to 64%, providing a challenge for those seeking an adrenaline rush on the snow.

The main piste, spanning 850 meters, provides a snowy adventure for advanced skiers, while a beginner’s paradise extends with a 150-meter-long slope, offering a gentle introduction to the world of alpine skiing. You can rent equipment on the spot and warm up in the chalet next to the slopes with a hot winter drink.


Ovifat, situated near the Signal de Botrange, the highest point in Belgium, is another popular destination for outdoor winter sports. It offers a total of 3 ski slopes and 1 sledding slope. With a green, blue, and red slope, the ski resort is suitable for both beginners as well as more advanced skiers. However, it’s not possible to go snowboarding here. Ski equipment can be rented on the spot. Plus, at the top of the slopes, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere inside La Brasserie d’Altitude.

Tip: did you know that Ovifat has the only red ski slope in Belgium? So if you’re an experienced skier, this is the place to be!

High Fens covered in snow

Thier des Rexhons

Nestled near the charming town of Theux, Thier des Rexhons offers a delightful alpine skiing experience with its 600-meter-long slope. It not only caters to alpine skiing enthusiasts but also extends its offerings to cross-country skiing. Here, amidst the picturesque landscapes, visitors can explore various cross-country skiing circuits with options ranging from 3, 5, to 10 kilometers.

Additionally, Thier des Rexhons offers the versatility of activities beyond traditional skiing, including the option to “surf,” explore the slopes on “snowblade” mini skis, and indulge in the timeless joy of sledding, adding to the overall appeal of this winter sports haven near Spa. After your snow adventures, you’re welcome in the chalet for a drink and a snack. This is also the place where you can rent your ski equipment!

Les Crêtes de Xhoffraix

If you’re not so much a fan of alpine skiing but love cross-country skiing, then Les Crêtes de Xhoffraix is the place to be. Located in the German-speaking part of Belgium, a bit further from the busy High Fens, the ski area has 4 different trails available from 2,5 to 13,5 km. Afterward, a hot mulled wine is waiting for you upon your return in the chalet of the ski area!

Eifel Ski Center

Nestled in the idyllic village of Rocherath, Belgium’s highest village at 650 meters, the Eifel Ski Zentrum stands as the country’s premier cross-country skiing destination, far removed from mass tourism. You won’t find any alpine slopes here, but you do find no less than 4 different cross-country skiing tracks from 1,5 to 13 km winding through the picturesque forests and unique landscapes of the region. You can rent your stuff on the spot and even have a hot shower afterward.

Indoor skiing in Belgium

Let’s be honest, the days that you can actually go skiing in Belgium are quite limited because there’s simply not enough snow! If you still want to go skiing regardless of the temperatures outside, you’re better off at an indoor ski park. Luckily you can find plenty of indoor ski slopes in Belgium! I’m listing them all up below:

Indoor skiing

Ice Mountain Adventure Park (Komen)

Nestled in Komen, Ice Mountain Adventure Park stands as a beacon for indoor skiing enthusiasts. The facility offers two different ski slopes, a larger one of 210 meters and a smaller one of 85 meters. With slopes suitable for both alpine skiing and snowboarding, Ice Mountain provides a welcoming environment for all skill levels. Professional instructors are available for ski or snowboard lessons, but even if you don’t ski you can find fun in snow tubing, skydiving or paintball offered at the park.

SnowWorld Antwerpen

Situated in Wilrijk, SnowWorld Antwerpen (formerly named Aspen Indoor Ski) is a top-notch indoor skiing destination in the Antwerp region. The facility has one large indoor slope of 240 meters long and offers a range of lessons led by certified instructors, catering to beginners and experienced skiers alike. It is part of the SnowWorld group that has indoor ski facilities at several locations in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, such as Terneuzen and Landgraaf.

Snow Valley (Peer)

Nestled in the heart of Limburg, Snow Valley in Peer offers 3 different slopes to practice your skiing skills. The largest slope is 350 meters long and 30 meters wide, perfect for anyone with skiing experience who wants to practice their skills. The smaller slope of 100 meters is intended for those dipping their toes into skiing for the first time. Last but not least, the indoor ski park also contains a fun park of 85 meters where you can practice your fancy tricks. In summer, it’s even a training center for professional skiing teams from all over the world!

You can easily rent your equipment and book a lesson with an experienced instructor here. Afterward, you enjoy a drink in their restaurant or cozy Snöbar. Not into skiing? Then make use of the high-altitude climbing course.

Tip: Snow Valley in Peer has the largest indoor ski slope in Belgium!

snowy landscape

Extra tips for skiing in Belgium

Check the webcams

Snow in Belgium is rare and chances are high that you’ll have to drive quite some time to get to the slopes. To avoid disappointment, make sure the check the webcams of the different ski stations beforehand and follow the updates on their websites so you know when they are opening!

Consider the lesser-known slopes

Every Belgian knows the High Fens, which makes it a popular destination to travel to in Belgium when snow is on its way. To avoid places that are too crowded, consider moving away from the Baraque de Fraiture and search for a lesser-known ski area with fewer people, such as Le Monty in Lierneux.

Snowboarders, attention!

Because if you’re going outdoor snowboarding in Belgium, you might be disappointed. Not all ski slopes allow snowboarders because of safety issues. In fact, only 2 ski areas welcome snowboarders: Baraque de Fraiture and Thiers des Rexhons. Indoor it’s not an issue luckily.

Have you ever gone skiing in Belgium? Do you have a favorite place to go? Let me know in the comments!

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