The most charming bars and restaurants in Kingston

In this post I want to give you an overview of the best places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or coffee I got to know when living in Kingston!

So check out my recommendations for bars and restaurants in Kingston ON (and many more) below!



Tommy's Kingston - restaurants in Kingston on
Inside Tommy’s

The first restaurant on my list of bars and restaurants in Kingston ON sells breakfast, lunch and dinner! Tommy’s is the perfect place if you want to try an all-American breakfast full of meat, potatoes and egg. The place itself is very cozy and the staff is friendly.

I recommend the pancakes with egg, bacon and fried potatoes!

Breakfast at Tommy's
Breakfast at Tommy’s


Tango Nuevo

This stylish restaurant belongs to the more expensive ones but is considered one of the best restaurants in Kingston. This Spanish restaurant serves exclusively tapas, so you should certainly order 2 or more dishes and you can share all dishes with each other to taste even more different things!

I recommend taking at least 3 different tapas because the portions are rather small, so you won’t be hungry afterwards!

This Spanish place is also the perfect location for a celebration, like a birthday for example!

Apsara Angor Cuisine

This Thai and Cambodian restaurant is extremely delicious! The place is quite cozy and prices are mid-range, but you get an insane amount of food! If you want to be able to eat everything of your main dish I do not recommend ordering a starter.

Flavours of India

Flavours of India - restaurants in Kingston on

I discovered Indian food in Flavours of India and went to eat there multiple times. It is a very tasty restaurant with decent prices. Pay attention to the spiciness of the food you order! I mistook myself once or twice ;).

I would recommend the butter chicken (if you don’t like a lot of spice) or one of their specialties (if you do like a lot of spice).

Food Flavours of India


This Indian restaurant is located just next to Flavours of India and the food is as delicious! The main difference between the two restaurants is the atmosphere. While Flavours of India is a modern kind of restaurant, Darbar gives you a more authentic experience.

When I ate at Darbar, there were no other guests and the hosts were just waiting for us to ask something. This was just a little bit creepy.

Chez Piggy

Chez Piggy is a very good restaurant, quite high on the rankings and somewhat more expensive than average. Except for delicious food, you come into a very charming house with very capable staff!

Sima Sushi

Sima Sushi - restaurants in Kingston on
Sima Sushi

This small sushi restaurant is located on Princess Street and has a delicious kitchen. The staff is very friendly and even though the food came with some delay, they gave us an extra bite while waiting for it.

I ordered a standard sushi plate, but it was waaaay to big for me, luckily I could take the rest of it home to eat later.


Vietnamese food Kingston - restaurants in Kingston on

This restaurant is also located on Princess Street next to the main clubs of Kingston. It is a cozy Vietnamese restaurant with very tasty food for an average price. Just good if you want to eat a lot, but don’t want to spend a lot of money!

Casa Domenico

Italian food Casa Domenico - restaurants in Kingston on

Casa Domenico is a very stylish Italian restaurant located near the City Hall. It is a rather expensive restaurant but with very tasty food and classy design. The perfect place to celebrate a special occasion! In my case, my return to Belgium!

Desert Casa Domenico Kingston

Coffee & other hot drinks

Apart from bars and restaurants in Kingston ON, I believe coffee bars are essential places that should not be forgotten on the list!

But I also want to give you a little warning, I never drink coffee, this is why the only pictures I have are from hot chocolates ;).

Moreover, a lot of coffee places in Kingston have seats preserved for people without laptops or tablets who just want to drink something and not work or study, so keep this in mind!

Kingston coffee house

Kingston Coffee House hot chocolate - coffee bars in Kingston ON

The Kingston Coffee House is a small place located at the City Hall. It is the perfect place to read a book or have a warm coffee after you finished ice skating on the square in front of the coffee place!

Crave coffee house and bakery

Crave coffee house - coffee bars in Kingston on

One of my favourite coffee places in Kingston is Crave! Apart from a perfect study place, you can also get delicious lunch and very tasty pastry! Looking for a nice place to have a coffee and a bite? This is the perfect address!

Balzac’s Kingston

The last coffee place I want to share with you is Balzac’s. This is a coffee place with a very nice interior design and a popular place to drink a coffee or get a snack (mostly pastry, not really lunch).


A list of bars and restaurants in Kingston ON would obviously be incomplete without any pubs! Here you have an overview of my top 3 pubs in Kingston.

Jack Astor’s rooftop bar

This pretty rooftop bar gives a nice view over the city of Kingston, more specifically over the City Hall. Several snacks and cocktails are available and if you want, you can even have dinner here.

The Brass Pub

This cozy pub is THE place where the youth goes for a drink. They sell a lot of beers and the popcorn machine makes you a delicious snack for no additional cost. Basic snacks are also available.

Queen’s Pub

unhealthy dish at the Queen's Pub - pubs in Kingston on

If you are a Queen’s student looking for a snack the Queen’s Pub is the perfect place to be! In this bar, you can order several (non-)alcoholic drinks as well as (not always so healthy) snacks or sandwiches! Definitely worth a stop!


In this post, I have discussed all my favourite places in Kingston: restaurants, bars and coffee places.

If you are interested in visiting Kingston, I recommend you to read my post about what to see in Kingston, which includes many more recommendations on the must-see touristic spots in Kingston! Or take a look at my other city trip ideas in Canada!

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about this list in the comments!

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