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11 Things To Do On Your Dinant Day Trip

One of the most beautiful day trips from Brussels is without doubt the city of Dinant. From pictures alone, you can see that Dinant picturesque, cozy villages!

But then raises the question what to do in Dinant besides strolling around this cute little city?

In this post, you’ll discover my personal recommendations for a day trip to Dinant. I’ve visited the city myself on a day trip not long ago and will recommend you the best things to do in Dinant!

So let’s take a look!

Top tip: at the end of this post I’ve included a map that shows the addresses of all the things to do in Dinant!

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Things to do in Dinant on your day trip

Visit the church of Dinant

Church of Dinant

Besides its famous citadel, the church is one of the main buildings in Dinant and will directly catch your eye. The outside of the church is very beautiful to look at and inside you’ll discover the story of children in Dinant who witnessed a miracle.

It’s definitely a nice stop while strolling around the city!

Church visitFREE

Discover history in its citadel

Citadel of Dinant day trip

If you want to know anything about the history of the city, I suggest you visit the Citadel of Dinant. However, this won’t be for you if you don’t like to learn about war.

This citadel has been a focal point in several wars dating way back in history, but a major part of the citadel is dedicated to World War I and the role of Dinant in it.

When standing on top of the mountain, you’ll have an amazing view over the city and it’s surroundings. So if you don’t feel like visiting the citadel, at least go up the mountain to see this amazing view!

You can reach the Citadel by climbing its 408 stairs or by taking the cable-lift (included in the price of a ticket).

Citadel + lift€10

Maison Adolphe Sax

Did you know that the inventor of the saxophone, Mr Adolphe Sax, was born in Dinant?

People in the city are very proud of this, so proud that you can find saxophones everywhere!

Maison Adolphe Sax is a small museum dedicated to this historical figure. If you’re interested in some history and instruments, I suggest you pass by on your day trip!

Museum visitFREE

Maison Leffe

If you love beer, you can’t miss this one. Leffe is a traditional Belgian beer, named after the village Leffe. In this village next to Dinant is an Abbey situated where the canons used to brew this beer as from 1240!

Right now, the beer is taken over by AbInbev, the largest beer company in the world (and Belgian as well), honouring the tradition of the Leffe beer.

But in Leffe, there’s still a museum you can visit about this special beer with degustations! So if you’d like to try a traditional Belgian beer (and I hope you do!), you should stop by this place!

Museum + degustation (1h)€7

Chateau Walzin

Castle of Walzin

This lovely castle can be found not far from the city of Dinant. So if you’re on a day trip to Dinant it might be worthwhile to stop at this castle!

Unfortunately, the castle is not open to visitors, but you can admire it from below. At the river below, there’s a parking spot where you can park your car and take a 5-minute walking route to the best view of the castle!

Or if you’d like some adventure you can always just go through the water! Fun story: I tried to cross the river through the water when only halfway seeing that there was a bridge… Anyways, it’s your choice!

Alongside this castle there’s also a hike that will show you around the region of Dinant.

I’ve included the parking spot on the map at the end of this post!

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Château fort de Crèvecœur

View where you can see Château de Crèvecoeur

Looking at the right on top of the citadel of Dinant you’ll be able to see the ruins of an ancient castle, called Château fort de Crèvecoeur.

These ruins can be visited all year long freely but on your own risk.

History goes that when Hendrik II attacked the fortress in 1554, 3 brave knights defended the castle with their wives watching them from the inside.

When the knights fell, their wives decided to take weapons and fight along. But when all seemed lost, they climbed up the tower, dressed in white and jumped hand in hand.

This heartbreaking story gave the castle its name.

Ruins visitFREE

Grotte La Merveilleuse

Discovered in 1904, these caves are one of the few caves open for visit in Belgium. Closest by Dinant, Grotte La Merveilleuse is certainly worth a visit! Take a guided tour and discover the beauty that nature has to offer in this region!

Caves visit€10

Walk over the Charles de Gaulle Bridge

Charles de Gaulle Bridge Dinant - what to do in Dinant Belgium

The Charles de Gaulle bridge connects the 2 parts of the city over the river Meuse. It’s also decorated with saxophones which have symbols of different countries on them!

This bridge is called after Charles de Gaulle, a former prime minister of France and officer during the WWI battles in Dinant.

Walking over the bridge gives you a very romantic sight over the water!

River cruise

There are 2 fun options if you want to go on the river in Dinant. Either you pay for a river cruise in a big boat or you rent a small one where you and your family can cruise the river freely!

Whatever you choose, cruising the river will be a magical experience (especially at sunset)!

Be aware that the cruises only go from April to October.

Rent a small boat€52/hour
River cruise – 45 min€9
River cruise – 2 hours€15

Taste the Couqe de dinant

Couqe de Dinant in a bakery

The Couqe de Dinant is a special kind of cookie resembling ginger cookies and a typical specialty from Dinant. In all bakeries you encounter you’ll see these delicious cookies lying asking you to buy one!

So why not buy one and taste something traditional from Dinant? I promise they are really good!

Drive through Bayard rock

Bayard Rock is a special rock right before you enter the city of Dinant that is split in two so that cars can drive through a tiny split!

It’s very impressive to see (since it’s huge and the split very tiny) and you can perfectly see it when standing on top of the hill at the citadel or driving on the highway past Dinant!

How to get in Dinant

The most convenient way to get to Dinant is by car, since you’ll be able to discover a lot of its surroundings. However, if you’re taking a quick day trip from Brussels it can be convenient as well to take the train.

The railway station is right at the city center so within a 5 minute walk you’re in the middle of old Dinant. By train you can reach the city (from Brussels) within 1 hour and a half. Not bad, right?

If you decide to go by car, park your car in one of Dinant’s public parkings or park for free on top of the Citadel! You can go down by lift if you also purchase a ticket to the Citadel.

Dinant day trip view

Your map of Dinant


I hope you gained enough inspiration for when you visit Dinant on a day trip! Let me know in the comments which things to do in Dinant resonate the most with you! Would you like to take a cruise? Or visit the Citadel?

Are you also visiting other parts of this region? Consider a day trip to Durbuy or Leuven as well!

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