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10 Fun Travel Gifts For Couples Who Love To Explore

You might all know that specific couple who just loves to travel as often as possible! Or maybe, that’s you!

And what’s better than giving them a travel-themed gift right? You might not have the right inspiration for it now, but that’s exactly the aim of this post! Whether the occasion is Christmas, a wedding anniversary or a birthday, I’m sure that these travel presents for couples will be the perfect gift!

I personally selected them because I genuinely like all of these gifts, some very small gifts for small occasions, others a bit larger for wedding-like occasions. I hope that at least one of these gifts is the perfect fit for your beloved travel couple!

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10 amazing travel gifts for couples

When The Game

When the game travel gift for couples

I purposely put this item first on the list of travel gifts for couples, because I really believe this is one of the most amazing and unique gifts of all 10 options I describe here!

When the game is created by Aggie and Jacob, an adventurous Insta-famous travel couple, with the aim of making people disconnect from their phones and spend more quality time together.

The game contains more than 150 travel-related question cards to ask your travel partner while being on the road. This way you can really make a deeper connection with your travel companion!

Matching luggage

eastpak tranverz luggage review - perfect travel gifts for couples

How cute would it be if you could go on vacation with matching luggage? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

For a long time, I’ve been using Eastpak luggage and I truly love their very sleek and practical bags! I have been using mine for years, and the bag is still in perfect condition which tells a lot about Eastpak’s great quality. Read more in my Eastpak luggage review!

Matching luggage with your partner can not only be easy to recognize but also be a fun extra touch to show your love for each other. Oh yes, my partner also has an Eastpak bag now ;).

Matching travel keychain

Vagabond’s travel keychain allows you to keep a memory of every destination you visit! Whether you choose a keychain or necklace, you can buy engraved travel rings for every destination and put them on your chain!

This is perfect for couples who travel with each other because this way they can share the memory of certain destinations they’ve visited together!

PS: use the code WANDER20 to get 20% off on the entire store!

Travel gift card

Some people might not be a fan, but I love to get travel gift cards! I find it just so exciting to get and gift a romantic stay to my beloved travel couple or partner!

Tinggly offers travel gift cards for all kinds of destinations and all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, wedding present or Christmas gift, they have it all!

Because of this broad offer, it’s very easy to gift a personalised vacation or a special experience.

National Geographic subscription

Did you know that National Geographic has a quarterly Travelers magazine?

Not only do I think that the National Geographic magazines are a perfect gift, they also publish several travel books that are amazing to give as a present!

You can easily buy a subscription (for as long as you like) and National Geographic will send it as a gift to the address of the person you’re gifting to. I bought a subscription for my boyfriend as a present and it worked perfectly!

Travel-themed subscription box

travel subscription boxes - perfect travel gifts for couples

One of the most diverse travel gifts for couples is without doubt a subscription box. Because whatever type of person you are and whatever you love, there is a box for you!

I personally love to get surprises, and what’s better than getting a box every once in a while without knowing exactly what you’ll get? The surprise will be even bigger (for the person who gets the present as well as for the person who gives it)!

Not so long ago, I compiled a list of super fun travel-themed subscription boxes that could be the perfect gift for your travel couple!

Travel scratch off map

Probably as fun as traveling together is documenting your travels together for later. One of the popular ways to do this is to scratch off all the destinations you’ve visited together with your partner on a map!

Therefore, such a scratch-off map might be the perfect couples gift! From international maps to country maps, there are maps for every sort of geographical detail that matches your travel ambition. Thus, if you are searching for a (maybe cliche but always fun) travel gift, a scratch-off map might be just perfect!

Matching luggage tags

Nothing is more charming than showing your love for each other as a travel couple. One of the easiest ways to do this is using matching luggage tags! This way you can not only easily find your luggage but also show that you belong together.

There exist endless luggage tag designs so I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that is perfect for your travel couple, whether this is a motivational quote or a cheesy Mr & Mrs tag!

Action cam

Another great gift idea for couples who travel together is an action cam! This way they can make memories that can be watched later on and even shown to friends, family or children. Therefore, it’s probably one of the most fun presents to give!

I personally use a Go Pro and really love it since it’s a pretty qualitative action cam that I can also handle directly from my phone. However, my partner is a huge fan of the DJI action cams which are equally qualitative.

Photo gifts

The same argument that holds for the action cam also holds for photo gifts, it’s just super fun to gather memories together and hang them up at home to show them to everyone who comes to visit!

Artifact Uprising is the perfect service for this. They let you create photo books, gifts, wedding materials, and much more. So why not gift your favourite travel couple (or partner) a tangible memory of one of their trips?


I truly hope that one of these presents will be the perfect travel gift for the person/people you have in mind. I really believe that whichever choice you make, each of these options will be the right choice!

If you have other suggestions to add to this list, don’t hesitate to put them in the comments so I can add more to this post!

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