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How I start planning

There are two websites I immediately check after I decided on a destination. Those are:

Skyscanner – finding the cheapest flights

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First I decide on a destination, only after that, I pick a date. Skyscanner allows you to compare the prices for several dates so you can choose the cheapest one!

Skyscanner is a price comparison site and will compare different airlines on any website in order for you to find the cheapest one! Once you choose your flight they will redirect you to the website of that company to book your flight.

Airbnb – finding the cheapest accommodation

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The second thing I consider before picking a date is how expensive/cheap the accommodations are at that moment. I check this through Airbnb because I love to rent through them. I’ve booked an Airbnb room/apartment countless times and I only had positive experiences!

Certainly, if you’re planning on travelling alone I recommend renting a room in the house of a host. They are extremely friendly and you’ll never feel alone!

What I need to plan my trip

One of the easiest ways to figure out what to do at your destination is checking Tripadvisor! I use Tripadvisor to find the touristic hotspots I definitely want to see, but I also use it to find nice restaurants and bars!

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Another way to find experiences at your destination is to use Airbnb Experiences. Locals will offer you valuable experiences like a food-tour through the city or a photoshoot.

For my trips through East-Canada I specifically used the Marco Polo pocket travel guide. As I didn’t know anything of the country before I went there this was a very useful help during my trip!

Transportation resources



Accommodation resources

Hotels/B&Bs: the biggest websites

Airbnb: rent a room, an apartment or a house from a friendly local!

House sitting: look after the house (and pets) of someone else in return for free accommodation! – Trusted Housesitters

If you have experience with house sitting I would love to hear about your experience. Send me a message here!

Hostels: Hostels Mania (for inspiration), (for bookings)

What else?

Vacuum bag

Whenever I want to pack light or whenever I just need to take a lot with me I use vacuum bags! I discovered these recently on Amazon and I must say I am really satisfied with them. You just put your clothes inside, zip it so no air can come in or out and roll it up! It’s really that easy!

By rolling up the bag the air will escape (don’t ask me specifically how I have no clue) and the volume will be reduced by 50%!

For a more detailed overview of how to start planning your trip, check my blog post ‘How to start planning for your next trip‘!

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