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travel without baggage

How to travel WITHOUT baggage

I absolutely hate packing! I hate it because of one simple reason: I always forget something! No exceptions! Thus, I found the ultimate solution. Packing only the essentials, as little as possible! This way I have less chance of forgetting something. I used to travel with big suitcases filled with everything I thought I might …

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7 alternative travel tips in Corona-times

Corona (COVID-19) is a worldwide pandemic now. No single country is able to escape the consequences of this virus and the impact on our global economy is already gigantic. People are advised to stay home and not get in touch with anyone besides your housemates. Holiday plans are cancelled and you won’t be able to find a single insurance company covering those costs.
Right now, travelling is not much of an option, but there are alternative travel possibilities that are corona risk-free! Discover those in my post!

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