Weekend in North Brabant: back to nature at KampinaStaete

Spending a weekend in the middle of nature, imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping, with a freshly made breakfast basket waiting for you, and the smell of morning dew covering the grass like a cozy blanket. You can experience all of this much closer to home than you think!

Right across the border in the Netherlands, you’ll discover the beautiful nature and vibrant cities of North Brabant. Especially when you stay at a small-scale holiday park nestled in nature like KampinaStaete. It’s the perfect weekend getaway, just a few hours’ drive from Belgium. From Antwerp, you can even get there in just over an hour!

So, what exactly does a weekend at KampinaStaete look like, and what can you do there? Let me tell you all about it in this blog post.

Note: this blog post was sponsored by KampinaStaete and Visit Brabant. However, the experiences I tell in this article are entirely my own.

Back to nature at KampinaStaete

The perfect place to unwind in North Brabant is undoubtedly KampinaStaete. In this small-scale holiday park in Oisterwijk, about 19 tiny houses await to provide you with the ultimate experience of peace and quiet. Waking up to a view of greenery? Check! Leisurely reading a book while swaying in one of the hammocks strung between tall trees? Check! Relaxing in a self-warmed hot tub? Check!

I stayed in one of their Diamond Suites with a hot tub and had an incredible experience! After just a few hours’ drive, I arrived on a Friday afternoon. As one of the first guests of the day, I was immediately escorted to the tiny house. It may seem small from the outside, but it’s surprisingly spacious inside. You’ll find a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, a shower, a separate toilet, and a large double bed overlooking a huge window with a beautiful view of the greenery. Pretty nice, right?

What immediately catches your eye are the chickens roaming freely through the park. If you grab a handful of grain, you can try to approach them and even feed them. The various hammocks strung up throughout the park invite you to relax. And in the newly planted herb garden, you can pick fresh mint for your tea or basil for your spaghetti. In the evening, the numerous lights guide you to the fire pit by the adjacent pond to enjoy the sunset.

Because I really wanted to relax, I pre-ordered a breakfast basket. It’s set out at your tiny house door around 9 am, so you can sleep in and then enjoy a delicious breakfast without any stress. What’s in the basket, you ask? Freshly squeezed fruit juice, hard-boiled eggs from the chickens in the park, yogurt with freshly cut fruit and granola, warm pastries and bread, tea and coffee, and a selection of spreads. The perfect way to start your day! I thoroughly enjoyed this breakfast on my terrace, listening to the birdsongs and watching the rabbits hopping by.

The Best Activities Near KampinaStaete

Biking to Oisterwijk

Within biking distance of KampinaStaete lies the village of Oisterwijk. This place is also known as the “Knokke of North Brabant,” and I immediately see why. The art galleries, restaurants with white tablecloths, and chic shops in the higher price range perfectly reflect that atmosphere. On Friday evening, I rented an electric bike from KampinaStaete and set off for Oisterwijk. In just 15 minutes, you’ll bike through the Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen and along well-maintained bike paths to the village. Be sure to check out the following places:

  • Bij Robèrt – this Master Pastry Chef and Master Baker makes delicious bread and pastries. When you walk into his shop, you can see immediately how they make all these delicacies. I bought a macaron with yogurt and blueberries, highly recommended!
  • Boekhandel Oisterwijk – here, you can browse through books and all sorts of knick-knacks. The bookstore is housed in a beautiful building and still has that authentic old bookstore flair.
  • Eetcafé De Tijd – in addition to the restaurants with white tablecloths, you’ll also find the oldest café in the village here. It’s as if time has almost literally stood still. You can eat and drink indoors or on the terrace at a reasonable price.
  • Gelateria Matteo – the best ice cream in Oisterwijk can be found at Gelateria Matteo. You can taste all sorts of different flavors, or just go for their signature Matteo ice cream! Cross the street with your ice cream and choose a bench in the park to enjoy it in peace.

A day trip to Tilburg

Do you prefer to soak up the hustle and bustle of the city? Then Tilburg is not far away! In Oisterwijk, you can hop on the train to Tilburg every hour, arriving at the station after just 6 minutes. There, you’ll arrive at the Spoorzone, the former workplace of the Dutch Railways, which has now been transformed into a trendy new neighborhood. Be sure to visit the LocHal library. The transformation of this old railway workshop into a hip library and meeting place even won the World Building of the Year 2019 award.

Tip: Don’t miss the Kempentoren! This structure can be found in the Spoorpark of Tilburg. For just €2, you can climb the tower and enjoy a view over the entire city.

Afterwards, continue walking under the station to the Dwaalgebied. In this city district, the rich textile lords of the city used to live, and you can still see that in the buildings that remain. Nowadays, it’s mostly a hotspot for local artists, vintage shops, and trendy coffee bars. Be sure to stop by Sam-Sam and enjoy a drink at Kattencafé De Spinnerij!

Another must-see location is reachable by walking all the way through the city center. On the other side, you’ll reach the canal marking Piushaven. You can stroll along the water, enjoy a terrace, or taste a beer at Stadsbrouwerij 013. Be sure to have lunch at Villa la Vida. They have an excellent lunch menu and a nice terrace by the water.

Tip: looking for a really cool activity? Book a ticket for the Doloris Meta Maze. In this 3D maze, you’ll get lost in about 60 rooms, each designed by a different artist. Expect a hefty dose of mystery and lots of climbing and crawling!

End the day at Gourmet Market Central Station, not far from Tilburg’s train station. This hall brings together a range of food stalls from all over the world. So, you can taste Thai, Indian, Brazilian, Italian… and so much more. If you still have time afterward, walk to the Kempentoren to enjoy the sunset. But beware! After sunset, you can no longer climb the tower.

Hiking in the Kampina

Just a few steps from KampinaStaete, you’ll find yourself in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands: the Kampina. Here, you’ll feel like you’re in another world, where only the sounds of nature can be heard. You’ll walk through forests and heaths, which turn beautifully purple in August, and along various ponds. In winter, they tend to overflow, so your feet may get wet, and you may have to take a different path.

The Kampina is also a grazing area. That means that cows and horses roam freely here, creating beautiful scenes. During my walk, I came face to face with a herd of grazing horses who continued chewing undisturbed as I passed by. For this reason, dogs must also be kept on a leash.

You’ll hike using nodes. This way, you can easily plan your own route. Or you can follow one of the existing routes, such as the 17 km long Hertogen en Heide hiking route that starts at KampinaStaete. A beautiful walk that will surely keep you busy for a day!


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at KampinaStaete, and I’m sure you will too! Let me know in the comments how your weekend went! You can find more information at www.kampinastaete.nl and www.visitbrabant.com.

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